About Us

Dynaspede specialises in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical components and sub-systems for a wide spectrum of industries in the Mechatronics business sector. It has extended service offerings in Engineering design, Product development, Prototyping and Testing. Dynaspede also offers contract manufacturing facilities and distribution services for its partners through its network.

Dynaspede's manufacturing facilities are distributed across multiple locations supported by a mature and effective vendor network. Our manufacturing capabilities include Sheet metal fabrication and finishing, Tooling and Machining, Electronic assembly and Precision engineering.

Dynaspede has offices across India managing its sales and service network and extending effective pre-sales and after-sales to its customers. The strength of Dynaspede lies in its ability to synchronise skills in various disciplines of engineering and offer reliable solutions both in Design and Manufacture for its partners and customers.

Brief History

Dynaspede was started in the year 1978 with Mechatronics as its core competence. A wide variety of electro-mechanical components and sub-systems including electronic drives, clutches, brakes, gear transmissions, electronic sensors, and digital motion control products have been developed and manufactured. Its Electro-mechanical system engineering capabilities have grown over the years to include customised solutions in Machine assembly, Robotics and Plant engineering.

“Dynaspede is a wholly owned subsidiary of SThree Management services Private limited and a step-down subsidiary to S3tel Incorporated, RAK Dubai, UAE. Dynaspede is also an associate company of Gold Coastway Limited and S3tel Integrated Intelligence, Dubai, UAE”. Technology development is sourced through a combination of affiliations with specialised institutions of higher learning and investments in boutique research and development outfits. Presently, Dynaspede encompasses a complete range of capabilities for designing and manufacturing complex machines and integrated systems from concept to installation.