Coater Laminator Controls

Our deep understanding of web behaviour helps us to provide appropriate solutions for a wide range of web processing machinery like Coater-Laminators, Embossing machines for Holograms, Hot melt Coating and Extrusion Coating machines, Slitters, Inspection Rewinders or Doctoring machines. In most cases, we provide Multi-drive systems with various drive combinations, Tension Sensors, Particle Brakes and Web guiding Systems.

Slitter Controls

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Webmatic-L from Dynaspede is a multi-motor drive system tailor-made to suit unwinder, intermediate sections and rewinder of a coater–laminator. It comprises the following sections:

Unwind: In this zone, tension of the web entering the infeed section or the coating section, is controlled. Actuation is normally through a pneumatic brake or magnetic particle brake, depending on the application requirement. Tension sensing load cells or dancer position sensors are used for feedback purpose.

Tension controller for the magnetic particle brake or pneumatic brake, ensures that the set tension is maintained throughout the roll turndown. In case AC or DC drive is preferred, this can also be incorporated.

Infeed: An infeed nip unit drive pulls the substrate off the unwinding roll and simultaneously ensures that tension in the span between the infeed section and the coating station is maintained constant.

It maintains set tension independent of whether is called to drive or prevent overhauling. An AC or DC motor actuates the infeed nip through appropriate mechanical transmission arrangement. Tension transducers or dancer position sensors are used for feedback. Speed-follow tension-trim (or dancer-trim) controls ensure that the tension in this zone is maintained.

Coating and Laminating

Coater drive: The coater section powered by a single AC or DC motor through appropriate mechanical transmission arrangement. It is the pilot or master section of the Coater–Laminator. Speed can be set by means of push buttons and monitored by digital speed readout. The digital AC or DC drive ensures that set speed is maintained. Acceleration and deceleration times are adjusted on this drive.

Outfeed drive: The outfeed unit establishes outlet tension values and isolates the processing section from tension disturbances of the rewinder. The principle of operation of drives and controls in this section is similar to that of the infeed.

The only difference in operation of drive and controls in this section is that while the infeed will be operating at a speed slightly lower than the line speed, the outfeed operates at a marginally higher speed.

Rewinder drive: The rewinder forms a roll out of the process material. Tension control is either through load cell or dancer position feedback, and digital vector controlled AC drive or digital DC drive. Provision for taper tension, GD2 compensation and profile gain setting are among the many site adjustable features.

A choice of operator control stations is available. Optional features include PLC with touch screen or PC based system for storage of jobs. Temperature controls / indicators, electrical controls for exhaust / blower motors, heater controls can be provided on request.

Options like remote operator stations to be placed at convenient locations on the coater–laminator can also be tailor made to aesthetically suit the machine being controlled.

Dynaspede control panels are fabricated from steel sheets, adequately surface treated and finished to ensure long life in an industrially harsh environment. Only branded electrical accessories are used. Eurotherm AC and DC drives, available in a highly functional range are used in the control panels. Tension sensing load cells, dancer position sensors, speed sensing encoders / tachogenerators are also available on option.

Options for wet laminator or only coaters or extrusion-coating machines are also available.