Corono Treatment Equipment Manufacturer

Corona Treaters

Corona treating systems modify the surface characteristics of substrates for best results in printing, coating or laminating processes. Corona treatment results in a controlled increase in surface energy of treated substrates with significant improvement in their wet ability and adhesion.

Dynaspede and Ahlbrandt System, Germany, have joined hands to bring to you world's best Corona Treating systems in India. With the technical know how from Ahlbrandt, Dynaspede manufactures corona treating systems at its modern facility in Hosur, India.

Ahlbrandt, one of the oldest manufacturers of Corona treating systems for Converting, Plastics, Label and Packaging industries, also provides 3-D surface treaters and plasma treaters. The Range of offerings includes:

  • Blown Film treating systems
  • Covered-roll treating systems
  • Ceramic coated treating systems
  • Bare-roll Treating systems
  • Sheet Treating system
  • Narrow web treating systems