Brake Dynamometers

For Performance Evaluation of Aircraft Brake linings based on the concept of Electrical Simulation of Mechanical Inertia:

Brake Dynamometer

Dynaspede offers brake dynamometers designed to conduct qualifying tests on Aircraft brake pads for validating their design capabilities to absorb specified amounts of Kinetic Energy (under simulated conditions) and to exert expected braking torque as needed . The test rig is based on the concept of electrical simulation of mechanical inertia, facilitating an infinitely adjustable Inertia system, required to represent Kinetic Energy of different Aircrafts. Besides, this concept provides a means to compensate for system losses as well as to drastically reduces the set-up time for test. Automation involves PLC-based control system and PC-based Data acquisition system with customized software.

Brake Dynamometer  Manufacturers

For two-wheeler brakes based on the conventional fly-wheel method

This brake dynamometer from the Dynaspede stable is designed to conduct validation tests on a range of brakes—both disc brakes and drum brakes. The test rig employs a unique methodology wherein the value of "friction coefficient" can be directly measured without having to go through the process of calibrating the machine with samples of known “friction coefficient” values. The brake dynamometer consists of electro-mechanical components needed to drive different selectable inertia wheels and to simulate controlled hand / foot operated forces to actuate the brake under test in order to subject them to cyclic operating conditions for validating their performance parameters. Automation involves PC-based data acquisition system with customized software.