Dynaspede meets the testing needs of automotive, aerospace, academic and industry sectors with a wide range of dynamometers and application-specific test benches. The offerings are backed by experienced sales and service teams from multiple locations for effective application and service support.

Dynaspede brings you the widest variety and range of dynamometers under a single roof. These would cater to virtually all the testing needs of driving and driven elements for performance verification or design validation of prime movers, actuators and transmissions. From the tiny eddy current dynamometers and high torque-low speed powder dynamometers through precise low inertia AC dynamometers, portable range and big multi-megawatt units, all are offered with dedicated controllers, data acquisition hardware and comprehensive software for diverse application requirements.

Eddy Current Dynamometers

The medium of torque transmission in Eddy Current dynamometers is a controlled magnetic field generated by a stationery coil. The developed torque in these dynamometers diminishes with reduction in speed with no torque developed at zero speed. These dynamometers are ideal for testing engines and motors in the medium to high-speed range and machines with turbo characteristics.


  • Torque ratings: 0.2 Nm to 4500 Nm
  • Power absorption: 20 W to 750 kW
  • Speeds: Up to 30,000 rpm depending on the model
  • Compact, high torque-to-inertia ratio
Eddy Current Dynamometers
Eddy Current Dynamometers