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Pneumo Hydraulic Edge Guide Systems

Pneumo hydraulic edge guide systems with pneumatic sensors for web edge sensing and hydraulic actuators for its correction are known for their high precision and accuracy.

Dynaspede offers Pneumo-hydraulic Edge guiding systems, backed by decades of experience and understanding of web psychology and behaviour.

Edge Guide Systems


  • Powered by a compact Pneumo-hydraulic power unit
  • Pneumatic sensor for web edge sensing
  • Suitable for unwind / rewind / intermediate guiding
  • Designed for high response and accuracy
Edge Guide Model Q34506000
Power 415V AC - 50Hz - 3 Phase
Motor Rating 0.18 KW
Operating Pressure(max) 20 bar
Hydraulic Pressure of Cylinder 14 bar
Flow Rate 2 LPM
Tank Capacity 18 Liters
Detector Air Pressure 5m bar to 30m bar
Dimension Ref. Drawing.