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Energy-Efficient Geared Drive For Cane Carrier

With Cogeneration being the mantra in every sugar mill in an industrial scenario of power scarcity, conservation of power through energy-efficient equipment tops the agenda of every sugar plant. Dynaspede took a lead in developing the Magtorq energy-efficient geared drive system for Sugar Crystallisers way back in 2000. Today Magtorq Crystalliser drives are an integral part of specifications for any Crystalliser drives, Pug Mills, Mixers etc. Encouraged by the response for Magtorq Crystalliser drives, Dynaspede has brought out a new series of Magtorq gear units for Cane Carrier applications. Combined with high efficiency and easy maintenance, Magtorq Cane Carrier drives offered along with a Speed Control Unit specially programmed for Cane Carrier applications.

Magtorq Cane Carrier drive is a Heli-Planetary high-efficiency shaft mounted geared drive system.

The hollow shaft of the gear unit is locked rigidly with the Cane Carrier shaft with the Taper key.

The gear unit is a totally enclosed construction, ensuring a long life and easy maintenance.

As there is only one cardan shaft and coupling between the motor and the gear unit, problems relating to misalignment are totally eliminated.

Speed Control Unit

The Control Panel along with operator controls is used for speed control of Cane carrier. The Control panel consists of software-controlled digital Variable Frequency drive specially programmed for cane carrier application. The rate of acceleration can be adjusted as per the application requirement. Torque limiting arrangement will prevent any damage to the conveyor and driving system during overload /jamming conditions.

The operator control station comprises FORWARD/REVERSE selector switch and START / STOP Push buttons. A potentiometer is provided for speed variation. An analogue speed indicator is provided. The operator control can be located close to the Cane carrier.

High Efficiency Gear Units & Geared Motors for Other Application in Sugar Industry

Crystalliser Drive

Shaft mounted type hollow shaft Heli-Planetary geared Crystalliser Drive unit offers substantial power savings compared to the conventional worm reducer system. The totally enclosed gear unit is easier to maintain, and long lasting. Dynaspede has installed over 1400 crystalliser gear units in various sugar mills across the globe. Geared units are configured to suite Vertical and Horizontal Crystallisers. No special arrangement in the gear unit is needed for water-cooled crystallisers.

Pug Mil

Totally enclosed, shaft mounted, Heli-Planetary geared motors with torque arm are offered for pug mill application. Configured similar to Crystalliser drives, Pug Mill geared motors are easy to install and maintain.


Foot mounted Planetary geared motors are offered with free output shaft. The geared motor can be coupled to the mixer shaft with a flexible coupling or a cardan shaft.


Clarifiers are driven extremely at low speeds and Magtorq Heli-Planetary Shaft mounted geared motors are ideal for this application. Totally enclosed constructions ensure long life and easy maintenance, suitable for mud and ash clarifiers in the sugar industry. Geared motors are offered with mechanical overload sensing and tripping arrangement as an optional accessory.

Traveling Grate

Magtorq Heli-Planetary totally enclosed shaft mounted geared motors are ideal for driving Boiler Travelling Grate application at very low speeds. Unlike a jerky motion in the conventional hydraulic drives, the Magtorq geared motor ensures smooth running of the grate. As no power packs and high-pressure tubing are involved, they are easy to maintain and operate. An AS train gauge based Load cell system can be incorporated in the torque arm with an electronic control unit for sensing and tripping under overload and jammed conditions. Geared units are offered with inverter duty motor along with Digital Speed control unit.

Mechanical Circulator

A Heavy-duty application that requires a careful design of gear unit with better service factor. A specially designed bevel planetary gear unit is offered with the output shaft pointing vertically downward and the input shaft horizontal. A standard foot mounted motor can be coupled with a flexible coupling to the gear unit.

Rake Carrier

When mounted on a top of the tall angle steel structure, relative vibrations between the driven shaft and the drive platform become very critical. Magtorq Hollow shaft gear unit, specially designed for Rake Carrier, is shaft mounted, and totally eliminates this problem. A standard foot mounted motor can be coupled to the input shaft of the gear unit with Cardan shaft.