Gearbox & Transmssion

Servo Gear Heads

The Magtorq range of gearboxes are designed specifically for printing presses and manufactured on the basis of specific design inputs provided by the press OEMs.

The gearbox has a through and through input shaft which is rated to handle the full power that would be handled by the main drive or the line shaft. A right angle turn, through gears of appropriate design and ratio is required to power the print cylinder. This is generally of a low ratio. Reduction gears are provided to power the doctor blades. The shaft for the doctor blades can be provided in an orientation to suit the machine needs.

Optionally through a differential (planetary) mechanism, the position of the individual print cylinder can be advanced or retarded in relation to the line shaft by rotating a hand wheel manually or by a motorised arrangement.

With its sophisticated facility, Dynaspede can design, manufacture and supply Gear boxes with customer-specific backlash values, ratios and shaft orientation.

Servo Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers
Servo Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers