Gearbox & Transmssion

Shaft Mounted Gear Units

Dynaspede has rapidly expanded its product range with revolutionary high efficiency gear units for a variety of applications. With co-generation and the use of energy-efficient equipment figuring prominently in the agenda of every Sugar Plant, Dynaspede took the lead in offering Magtorq energy-efficient gear drive systems for Sugar Crystallisers way back in 2000.

With over 1400 installations across India and many other places in South-east Asia and Africa, Dynaspede's Crystalliser drives are an integral part of crystalliser specifications in the sugar industry.

These easy-to-fit, shaft-mounted Magtorq Crystalliser drives rated up to 7.5 HP, and for output speeds of 1 to 0.3 RPM, cover 45T to 100T capacities for the standard range of horizontal Crystallisers and up to 300T capacity for vertical crystallisers. Developed after an in-depth study of typical Crystalliser installations, the Magtorq Crystalliser drive employs high efficiency spur and helical gearing instead of conventionally used worm gearing. The overall efficiency of Magtorq Crystalliser drives is better than 90% and the installed motor rating is optimally used resulting in attractive savings in power consumption.

The salient features of these drives are:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Shaft Mounting Construction
  • Longer Life
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost