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Dynaspede offers a Moment of Inertia measuring equipment for computation of moment of inertia of liquid contained in tanks along different axes.

For measurement for roll moment of inertia:

The equipment provides a self-contained platform needed to conduct studies on different liquids, contained in different container shapes in order to determine its roll Moment of Inertia along its Centre of Gravity or with reference to any axis of rotation displaced from its CG. The equipment has a DSP-based control system for high-speed sampling and computation.

Although designed for measurements on liquids, the instrument is equally suitable for direct measurement of MOI of solid bodies of any geometric complexity, falling within the capabilities of the equipment.

The unparalleled range of offerings available from this association includes the world's largest variety and range of dynamometers along with test solutions for all types of driving and driven elements—Engines, Motors, Actuators, Transmissions, Axles, Gearboxes, Shafts, Chains, Brakes, Clutches, and Vehicle test systems. The offerings are supported and complemented by an impressive network of application and product support teams based at strategic locations throughout the country.

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For measurement for pitch /yaw axis moment of inertia and the centre of gravity:

The instrument, in its present form, is designed to provide a self-contained platform needed to conduct studies on liquids filled to required levels and capped within scale models of propeller tanks to determine the location of CG (about hinge point) with and without liquid; computation and display of Lateral M.I. of liquid about an axis passing through its own CG and Damping characteristics.

This equipment is operating on the Principle of Compound Pendulums.

Concept Machines in India