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Service Station Dynamometer

Dynaspede service station dynamometer / Chassis dynamo meter is powered with electronically controlled air cooled eddy current absorber to closely simulate the road load condition offering adjustable rolling resistance and aerodynamic resistance .

Growing demand for urban and rural transportation combined with rising economic prosperity has propelled emergence of modern vehicles in India.

Vehicle manufacturers are competing with domestic and overseas companies for enlarging their market share with R&D efforts, better manufacturing practices, efficient and innovative customer services.

In the highly competitive market, quality of customer service has often proved to be the differentiator and the focus today for the automotive companies is on modernizing their service stations to garner customer satisfaction and earn customer delight with innovative practices.

While the vehicle manufacturers are investing on modern test equipments for R&D and production line testing….

Diagnosis of vehicles in the service stations is left to the skills of mechanics.

After studying the latent need of customers and service stations, Dynaspede is pleased to introduce

Load Cell Supplier India
  • cost effective
  • Diagnostic Dynamometers

for diagnostic study of vehicles in the service stations.