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Planetary Geared Boiler Travelling Grate Drives

MAGTORQ GRATE DRIVES are specially designed for any travelling grate application. With the vast experience in designing custom-built gear units for complex applications for many years, Grate DriveMagtorq has perfected the design considering all application parameters and site conditions. This drive is designed to eliminate the problems faced with conventional grate driving arrangement followed since many decades, in operation and maintenance.

The Magtorq Grate Drive is designed as a ready to install drive, so that replacement of existing installations is easy and quick. Simple design and easy installation make it a definite winner for your Grate drive enhancement program.

The Magtorq Grate Drive is offered with Electronic Drive arrangement to get wide speed ranges such as 10:1 and above. The electronic programmable drive helps in easy setting of operation parameters and overload limits and tripping arrangement. Also, smooth acceleration and decelerations will avoid any shock loading on the mechanical system, ensuring long life.

Special features:

  • Hollow shaft, shaft mounted type design
  • Easy Installation, Operation and Maintenance
  • No chain, sprockets, no couplings, fewer mechanical linkages
  • Drive is fitted on to the shaft with positive fitment with key arrangement and hence no chance of slipping during heavy loads
  • Wide speed range possible—10:1 and above
  • Electronic torque limit and tripping arrangement to avoid time-consuming shear pin type mechanism
  • Speed control from DCS through 4-20mA or 0-10VDC speed reference signal
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration for enhanced mechanical life of the total system
  • Grate drive available in various motor ratings and speeds
  • Special Feature: In case of jamming, the drive automatically gets reversed for a few seconds and again operates in the forward direction. If the jam is not cleared after the set time with the above operation, the controls stop the drive and sound the alarm.


  • Easy operation, fewer parts to maintain, reducing labour cost and inventory
  • Easily fits on an existing system; hence no cost for modification to use Magtorq Grate Drive
  • Electronic drive facilitates easy forward/reverse operation and saves expensive repairs due to jams caused by tramp material
  • Shocks and wear and tear of the mechanical system reduced by smooth speed control
  • Totally eliminates external hydraulic pump and cylinder and leaking hydraulic components, resulting in fewer parts to maintain and much cleaner operation
  • High efficiency planetary gear unit, requiring lower horse power
  • System designed to accept 4-20mA / 0-10V
  • DC from Boiler DCS control facilitating control of the speed according to the application demand