Rotary Label Press Lines / Label Stock Preparation Lines / Computer Stationary/ Forms

Accurate control of Di-cutting/punching stations, dust free substrates, Surface energy enhancement are call of the day…. over and above print register.

Starting right from unwind, feeder roll, color stations , out feed and up to rewind sections, Dynaspede offers combination of tension control and drive controls system to ensure appropriate material control, ensuring better productivity.

Technology board – unique interface system, developed by Dynaspede… is talk of the day. Multiple options like Infeed control, out feed control, unwind/ rewind control… working with feed back from field sensors has yielded better results and appreciation from users.

Numerous stock preparation line, silicon coating lines patronage Dynaspede controls and components.

Dynaspede will assist with subsystems, components and line automation, be it retro fit or with original equipment supply.

Components and sub-systems:
  • Surface energy enhancement: Corona treater for metalised /non-metalised substrates
  • Servo drive systems: For fine position control
  • Planetary gear heads, Differential gearboxes
  • Static eliminators and web cleaners for dust free material at print area
  • Add on Waste rewinder stations: complete station and controls
  • Tension control systems: Powder brake/ pneumatic brake based, using load cell feed back
  • AC drive systems: For control of all sections, with Technology board
  • MIS: Including supervisory controls, active line depiction on pc screens or touch panels
  • Safety chucks: For ease of handling and safety