Roto Control

Control System for Rotogravure Presses

Dynaspede webmatic control panels are designed for total automation of web converting machines conforming to world-class standards of performance and safety. The automation for rotogravure presses has a host of controls including:

  • Unwind/Rewind Tension Control
  • Reel positioning by Optical Sensors
  • Fully automatic Splice Sequencing
  • Intermediate Tension Control .
  • Electronic Line Shaft/Line Shaft Drive
  • PC-based Web Management System
  • Proprietary On-line Tension Guide.
Roto Control

Unwind / Rewind Controls

The Dynaspede product basket offers a wide variety of wind/unwind controls for precise tension control with advanced algorithms for inertia, and friction compensation:

  • Magnetic particle brakes/ clutches with digital controller
  • Pneumatic brakes/ clutches with digital controller
  • AC motor with 4Q drives
  • Servo controls based on Load cell/ Dancer/ Diameter feedback.
Roto Control

Turret Controls

Dynaspede offers fully automated Turret controls at both unwind and rewind sections, serving the needs of reduced wastage, increased production and minimum operator dependence. The control system features are:

  • Smooth change over of rolls
  • Flying splice at full speed
  • Splicing at pre-set length or diameter
  • Controlled tail length
  • Automatic detection of new roll diameter
Roto Control
Roto Control

Infeed/Outfeed Controls

Accurate tension controls for this section is achieved with:

  • 4 Q controls
  • Multiple control loops based on Speed/ Position / Tension feedback.
  • Electronic gearing for phase lock control

Roto Control

Machine Controls

Machine control is achieved using a variety of options for accurate speed control with a multiple speed ramp for acceleration and deceleration, printing cylinder circumference compensation using:

  • Sophisticated Electronic Line Shafts with Servo Controls
  • AC motor with Digital drives
  • Simple Eddy Current drives

Roto Control

Auxiliary Controls

  • Corona treatment
  • Electricals for exhaust/blower motors
  • Heater controls
  • Impression nip controls
  • Input / output for temperature and safety
  • Static Eliminators
  • Web video

Roto Control

PC-based Web Management System

Roto Control

MIS Features

  • Complete machine control from the PC
  • User-friendly graphical screens for machine visualisation with dynamic display of speed, tension, temperature, roll diameter, length processed, faults, alarm history, and more
  • Online Management Information such as machine running hours, length processed, rolls processed, wastage, stopping time
  • Production reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Statistical process control study of various parameters
  • Advanced diagnostic features for troubleshooting
  • Maintenance mode operation for individual section
  • Job-wise process parameter settings
  • Email reports

Roto Control