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Rotor Kit

A versatile kit that can distinguish between the vibration signatures of different faults and aid better on-line diagnostics of fault conditions

Dynaspede offers Rotor Kits for in-depth understanding of data acquisition, signal analysis and machine faults.

Dynaspede 'Rotor Kit' developed under the guidance of eminent Rotor Dynamics specialist Prof. J.S.Rao... provides a better understanding of rotor dynamics experiments involving simulation of common machine faults.

This versatile kit helps the user distinguish between the vibration signatures of different faults to aid better preparedness for on-line diagnostics of fault conditions on actual machines.

Roto Kit

Salient features

  • Analog vibration signal acquisition from accelerometers and proximity probes with on-line digital conversion
  • Signal analysis
    • Time & Frequency domain
    • Shaft orbit (Optional)
    • Waterfall (transient)
    • Trend plots
  • On-line expert diagnostics and display of prevailing faults
  • On-line help in understanding fault symptom relations
  • Provision for preparation of a field diagnostics kit using a laptop for studies on fault diagnosis of rotating machinery in the field


  • Laboratory training for students in engineering institutions
  • Training for new maintenance staff in rotating machinery installations, e.g., power plants and petrochemical industries
  • Rig modification for advanced rotor dynamics studies for research students – e.g., Introduce a crack in the shaft and perform experiments

Upgraded versions

Upgraded versions are available to study

  • Gear defects
  • Hydrodynamic bearings
  • Bearing defects
  • Variable stiffness shafts
  • Coupling defects
  • Belts drives
  • Reciprocating inertia
Roto Kit