Tension Sensors

Dynaspede presents a variety of sensors and tension monitors to cover most of the automation needs of converting or process machines.

SW series of tension sensors are full bridge,strain-sensitive load cells, with built-in self-aligning bearings that make them suitable for dead shaft or live shaft applications. These are generally used in pairs to support tension-sensing idlers on either ends. Standard ratings cover a range from 10 kg to 150 kg in five sizes, adaptable for base or flange mounting. For narrow web applications, Dynaspede offers the option of using a single load cell to support one end of the sensing roll with the far end supported on anti-friction and self-aligning rolling bearings.

UPB series of load cells are Under Pillow Block (UPB) assemblies, offered for ratings beyond 150 kg. Two ratings of 250 kg and 500 kg cater to most of the popular sizes for UPB series of load cells.

All Dynaspede tension sensors exhibit excellent linearity and repeatability with a nominal output of 1mV/V. Signal conditioning and amplification of load cell output is included in matching digital tension monitors or controllers.