PCB and Control Assembly

PCB assemblies from single to multi layer with both discreet and SMDs to full control assemblies are offered fully tested for your application needs.

PCP and Control Assembly

Dynaspede's modern clean room control panel assembly shop offer you enhanced manufacturing flexibility, high quality panels at very short lead-time.

PCP and Control Assembly

Our highly trained technicians are committed to work and we offer accurate and timely assemblies to customers. From wall-mounted control panels to multi-bay PC and PLC based automation systems Dynaspede is pioneer in providing custom solutions.

  • Surface mount device
  • Surface mount and conventional mix
  • Double-sided component assembly
  • Multi layer PCB
  • Daughter board
  • EMI/EMC considerations

Quality process:

  • 100 % visual examination of all solder joints
  • Analysis of defect trends for corrective actions
  • Periodic analysis of solder bath concentration and composition.
  • PC-based simulated tests Burn-in tests
  • Burn-in tests

Full Control Assembly

Dynaspede offers a comprehensive set of custom electronic enclosures with focus on functionality, manufacturability and testing.