Product Line Transfer

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Are you an OEM looking for a Lean Manufacturing Solution?

Consider transferring your existing product manufacturing line to Dynaspede facilities. This allows you to consolidate facilities, reduce manufacturing assets, or simply free up floor space for new products. You benefit by converting fixed costs to variable, thereby reducing your overall business risks.

At Dynaspede product line transfer projects are lead by our experienced project management teams. Our Lean Manufacturing Solution and Product Line Transfer Process are designed to be "transparent" to you.

Product Line Transfer Process

Our Lean Manufacturing Solutions Offer:

  • Feasibility study and risk assessment
  • Cost development and quote preparation
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Quality planning
  • Component sourcing
  • Process development/tool design and build
  • First article and small batch validation
  • Production ramp-up
  • Volume production
  • Productivity Improvements

Key advantages for you:

  • Consolidate your plants and supply base
  • Reduce your manufacturing assets and cost structure
  • Transfer mature products and free up space for new projects
  • Buy complete products or assemblies vs. multiple component parts
  • Improve product quality and delivery
  • Reduce lead-times and inventory
  • Establish an Asian manufacturing site with minimal capital investment

Products Transferred

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Mechanical and electromechanical assembly products
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Fabrication
  • Mechanical components
  • Custom control panel

Resources Provided

  • Project management
  • Process engineering
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality management
  • Facility capacity
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Skilled and experienced workforce
  • Order fulfillment

Need an Asian Manufacturing Site?

Could your product sales benefit from a Asian manufacturing site? In today's global economy, many companies distribute their product manufacturing and assembly lines because of high cost of manufacturing, long delivery lead-times or high shipping costs from foreign locations.

We can help you access the Asian and European markets by manufacturing your products at our centrally located manufacturing facilities in India with necessary infrastructure, expertise, technology, and resources to make your product transfer a success.