Auto Squaring System for Stationery Bed Knife Sheeters

The Auto Sheet Squaring system on stationary bed knife cutters is a retrofit on the existing sheeters, for relieving the Operator of making that adjustment… when setting the cut off. This design ensures accuracy and repeatable positioning is maintained.

An AC servomotor, mounted on a gear head of suitable ratio, is coupled to a fine threaded ball screw mechanism. This servomotor is governed by a PLC/ DSP based system, which calculates the squareness for the cutoff setting. The servomotor turns the screw, in effect the angle which positions the cutter head accordingly. Sensors are used to set the minimum and maximum cut off range to prevent over travel. The gear head output back lash is controlled within 5 arc min.

Sheet Squareness is maintained as per international standards. A manual over ride switch permits the Operator to set the sheet squareness and when returned to automatic mode assigns the manual setting into the systems memory for the given sheet length.