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Static Controls for Paint Shops

Dynaspede brings to you solutions for your static electricity related problems from Julie Industries, USA.

Static electricity can drag productivity down. It attracts dirt causing jamming, fire hazards, uncomfortable shocks, quality problems and rejects.

Static Eliminators

Static Controls

Rubbing or separation of two different materials typically causes static electricity. One of the materials becomes positively charged and the other negatively charged. The static charge may be large and discharge when the charged material comes close enough to a grounding point. This static charge can cause production slowdown, web wandering, dust accumulation, uneven stacking and clinging, injure personnel, damage electronic components and sensitive material, and even cause fires and explosions.

Dynaspede brings to you the following solutions for your static-related problems:

Static Control Brush:

The conductive static brush gives the static charge a path to the ground. When a charge is generated on a surface such as plastic film, a well grounded static brush mounted very close or touching the film minimises the charge by sending it to the ground.

Static Eliminators Paint

Static Neutralising Bar:

The "shockless" static neutralising bar, in conjunction with the power supply, is designed to help you control the static electricity that results from contact and separation between two surfaces in the manufacturing environment.

Static Eliminators

Ionising Blower:

This extended range ionising blower is designed to effectively cover a wide area with an electrically balanced ion stream.

Static Eliminators Paint

Web Cleaning System:

This innovative narrow-web cleaning system is designed to provide either contact or non-contact continuous cleaning of narrow web in a variety of critical applications. It combines powerful vacuum, static neutralisation and compressed air blow-off to provide effective cleaning.

Static Eliminators

Air Assisted Static Controls for Paint Shops

The air-assisted static eliminator arrangement removes static electricity from the surface of moulded components passing on an overhead conveyer before paint shop. This static charge, if not removed, would attract dust that would stick to the surface, resulting in badly finished paint quality.

The air coming out of the static eliminator arrangement is from several openings, passing through a no. of baffles made inside the columns to guide the air uniformly. Two of these openings have static eliminators to provide two streams of ionized air on the objects, running across the entire length of the device.

This arrangement can be made to suit your conveyor so that the components passing through are entirely exposed to the air coming out of the static eliminating system. Please note that the air coming out will be stream having velocity in the range of 5 8 mts / sec (as measured at the outlet points).

Shown alongside is a general scheme of this arrangement. The dimensions can be made to suit your requirement.

Static Eliminators
Static Eliminators Paint