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Sugar Manufacturing Equipment India

Backed by an experience of three decades, Dynaspede offers the sugar industry a product range with revolutionary high-efficiency gear units for a variety of applications. With energy-efficient equipment gaining ground in the industry, Dynaspede developed Magtorq energy-efficient geared drive systems for Sugar Crystallisers way back in 2000.

Today Dynaspede is a chosen partner in the sugar industry for a wide range of activities from supply of energy-efficient drive system, sugar manufacturing equipment, control and automation to complete project management. Its range of offerings include a range of high-efficiency geared drives for cane carriers, cane pushers, rake carriers, travelling grates, mechanical circulators, magma mixers, pug mills, clarifiers and various mixing tanks.

Our Crystalliser gear drives are an integral part of crystalliser specifications in over 1,400 installations across India, South-east Asia and Africa. Our products reduce the installed power capacities and connected loads to substantially lower levels and help the industry to conserve energy and save precious resources.

Over the years, Dynaspede's electro-mechanical system engineering capabilities have been enhanced to include customised solutions in Robotics and Plant engineering.