AC Tachogenerators

For general-purpose speed sensing and speed feedback applications, Dynaspede offers TEFT or TEFL models of tachogenerators in base-mounted or flange-mounted constructions. These are essentially single phase AC tachogenerators in 24 or 48 pole constructions with quasi-sinusoidal output of 30/ 50 Volts AC (rms) @ 1500 rpm. Three-phase models are also offered for low speed and high speed.

Dynaspede AC Tachogenerator is a thoroughly engineered speed transducer for industrial duty applications. An important design feature is that the stationary and rotating members are vacuum moulded in epoxy and are housed in graded Aluminium casing. The well-proportioned shaft has a diameter of 12 mm. In addition, liberally selected, widely spaced and pre-loaded ball bearings, contribute to structural rigidity and dependable performance.

AC Tachogenerators

Speed Indicators

Dynaspede Tachogenerator construction makes it ideal for digital processing for the purpose of speed indication or control. Digital speed indicators can be easily implemented by counting the pulses from the Tacho for a finite interval , depending on the display proportionally.