Endurance Study of Chains

Test Rigs for Endurance Study of Chain Transmissions

Automotive Chain Test Rigs

Performance / endurance testing of power transmitting chains demands conditions of adjustable speed, adjustable load and tension values continuously over a period of time long enough to stabilize their aging characteristics.

Dynaspede makes Test Rigs for testing of power transmission chains for both automotive chains and industrial chains.

Automotive chain test rigs are built around AC regenerative form of loading system. The test rig has many exclusive features including testing of varying lengths of chain, motorized servo control tensioning mechanism, smart spindles for on-line measurement of tension, and non-contact temperature measurement. The PC-based control system facilitates testing of chains under steady state load, transient load and shock loads simulating shock absorber effects. A dust dispenser is provided for simulating environmental conditions. A guard for the chain serves the needs of safety and acts as a noise suppresser. The test results viz. Speed, Torque, Power, Static tension, Tensions on the tight side and slack side of chain, temperature etc are dynamically recorded and presented in tabular and graphical forms.

Industrial chain test rigs are built around Dynaspede’s exclusive Di-Vector technology. Dynaspede’s proprietary Di-Vector technology is a step ahead of the popular 4 square method of testing for power transmission components. This technology, (under patent) was developed and field tested by Dynaspede as an energy-efficient alternative for full load testing of power transmitting components operating under varying load profiles and duty cycles. This concept provides the driving power, self-generated within a synchronously driven mechanical loop, without the need for additional power except to overcome static losses in the system. In addition this concept can evaluate two-power transmission chains simultaneously for a comparative study or two test samples could be evaluated in half the duration.