Automotive Pump Test Rig

Test Rigs for Production line Testing of Automotive Pumps

Automotive Pump Test Rig

Dynaspede offers unparalleled solutions in application areas of testing such as like motors, pumps, generators, engines, axles, gearboxes, clutches, transmission belts and more. We are well-equipped to handle operations demanding synergistic combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic expertise. Test and measuring for real life verification/validation of CAE designs are offered for implementation.

The PC-based test rig is a self-contained system specially designed for production line testing of automotive pumps. The main features include:

  • Pneumatic actuated clamps for automatic clamping of pumps
  • High speed motor rated to drive test pumps up to speeds of 5000 rpm
  • Oil filtration-cum-circulation system with temperature control up to 100º
  • Motorised valve at the outlet line to simulate back pressure
  • Necessary transducers for monitoring drive speed, frictional torque, oil discharge pressure, oil discharge flow rate and temperature measurements
  • A rig mounted fully automated PC based control panel and operator station for digital control and automatic sequencing of the test bench operation, with data logging of critical parameters for each pump under test
  • PC allows online recording and retrieval of stored data in graphical and tabular forms for production analysis
  • All necessary safety interlocks

The test rig is designed to perform the following tests to automatically validate the pumps with pass/fail result:

Automotive Pump Test Rig
  • Minimum speed for oil discharge
  • Performance at specific speeds
  • Pressure relief valve test.
  • H-Q characteristic plot at various speeds

System Components:


An unmatched range of electronic Drives from simple Eddy current drives to high performance Digital drive systems and point-to-point servo systems.

Automotive Pump Test Rig


A wide variety of dynamometers to match specific application requirements Eddy current, Magnetic particle; AC motoring, Pneumatic, Tandem, and so on.


High performance planetary / helical gearboxes or combinational gear systems and high precision, low backlash gear heads.


For speed, torque, tension, force and vibration, shock measurements.

Electronics & Software

Distributed and integrated control systems from analogue to digital design and manufacture including DSP based controls with third part PCs/PLCs and custom built software.

Automotive Pump Test Rig
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