Differential Carrier Test Rigs

Automated Test Benches for Production Line Testing of Gear Carrier Assembly

Dynaspede's Automated Test Bench for Production Line Testing of Gear Carrier Assembly is designed to provide a self-contained platform for verification of gear carrier assemblies on the production line in terms of monitoring the frictional torque and observing the gear-mesh pattern.

Differential Carrier Test Rigs


  • Ergonomically designed workstation to conveniently mount the differential assembly
  • Special fixture to clamp the differential assembly and turn it by 90º for starting the test
  • Motoring dynamometer with integral torque sensor to run the test unit at preset speeds and monitor the friction torque
  • Pass / fail indicators based on frictional torque
  • Magnetic particle loading device for consistent and stable loading on one output while the other is locked
  • Automated coupling arrangement for the input and output shafts
  • Protective features such as safety curtain for operator safety
  • Arrangement to monitor the gear ratio
  • PLC based control system for automated sequencing and testing

Test Set-up

Mechanical arrangement

Differential Carrier Test Rigs

The test rig is designed to accommodate the driving arrangement, unit under test, automated engaging arrangements for input and both outputs, necessary transducers and guards. The test unit fixture arrangement, with a provision for turning by about 90º from the mounting position, makes it convenient for the operator to load the nit from a hoist on top of the plate of the fixture.

Driving arrangement

Dynaspede's exclusive motoring dynamometer drives the test unit at preset speeds and frictional torque (needed to run the unit without load) measured by a reaction torque sensor integral to the dynamometer.

Differential Carrier Test Rigs

Loading arrangement

A magnetic particle (powder) loading device is used for applying a controllable load on one of the output shafts of the gear carrier while the other output is locked. This loading device is ideally suited for applying load at low speeds.

Control system

The rig-mounted control system is a fully automated PLC-based control system with Multimedia Interface(MMI) for automatic sequencing of tests and data logging of test results.

The PLC system will operate in conjunction with peripherals used for the purpose of automating the test sequences as well as for storage and retrieval of test data. An operator console is provided in the form of the test bench consisting of an MMI panel for manual interface, along with suitable indications, buzzer and control push buttons for power ON/OFF, start step, abort, and emergency off.