Test Benches for Generators/Alternators

Test Benches for Performance evaluation of Generators and Alternators

Study of generator function characteristics involves monitoring of cut-in speed, minimum speed for rated power, function and overload test. The test bench facilitates load testing of starter generator at adjustable speeds up to 10,000 rpm and load testing by an infinitely adjustable electrical load bank.

Generator Test Rig Manufacturers

Dynaspede Test Benches for study of generators designed and manufactured specially to meet the customer requirements. They are built for detailed comprehensive evaluation of performance parameters and for type testing of generators to be tested. The test bench design meets all the major design inputs of ruggedness, reliability, repeatability and long-term performance of its mechanical and electrical performance.

The Dynaspede test bench facilitates load testing of starter generator through an electrical load bank. It can load test the generator at variable speeds upto 6000 rpm and conduct No-load tests at 10,000 rpm.

Test Set-up

Mounting Structure: The mounting structure to accommodate the motor mounting fixture, prime mover, speed increase gearbox, and blower is a mechanical structure designed for low vibrations. Safety guards for all the rotating elements are provided on the test bed with interlocks for safe operation.

Motor Mounting Arrangement: The specially designed fixture is provided with a machined base with mounting bracket for flange mounting of the motor under test.

Drive Arrangement: The drive arrangement consists of an AC induction motor driven by an AC drive.

Speed Increase Gear Box: The high efficiency helical gearbox is designed to provide 10,000 rpm at its output. The gearbox is provided with an external oil circulation arrangement for lubrication.

Loading Device: The loading device is an electrical loading arrangement rated for 250 amps, 30 V DC.

Speed Monitoring: A high accuracy AC tachogenerator, mounted on output shaft of gearbox, monitors generator speed directly.

Tests conducted on the rig:

  • Test for cut-in speed
  • Test for minimum speed for full output
  • Functional Test
  • Over load test

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