Shaft Test Rigs - High Speed Testing

For Endurance test of aircraft PTO shafts and Automobiles

Shaft Test Rig

The test benches in this category are designed for evaluation of the torsional strength / endurance life of the propeller shafts / PTO shafts of automobiles and Aircrafts. The torsional strength of the shafts can be determined either in static or in dynamic loading conditions.

Endurance test rig for testing of aircraft PTO shafts based on Dynaspede’s proprietary Di-Vector technology is capable of simulating the exact conditions of the testing, like introducing misalignment, varying speed and torque. It is designed for high speed testing of the shafts, with the speeds adjustable up to 22,000 rpm under no-load and up to 16,800 rpm under controlled loaded condition.

The preset values of torque and speeds are precisely applied to the shaft to test the performance capabilities of the shafts. The desired torque for testing the shaft is provided from the geared motor through the torque valve. The rig has provision to introduce adjustable axial misalignment up to ±15mm and independently adjustable angle misalignment up to ±1.5° from its neutral co-linear position. The controls of the test rig, is either by a PC-based control system or by a simple manual control system.