Aluminium Foil Transformers

TRANSFORMERS using aluminium foil in place of the standard copper wire traditionally used for coil windings. We deliver a very cost effective, efficient & at-par replacement to Wire-wound transformer. These Transformers are wound through CNC Aluminium Foil Winding Machines.

Aluminium Foil Transformers
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced size and weight
  • Capable of operating at higher Temperature
  • Improved electrical efficiency
  • Increased immunity on electrical stress
  • Better overall regulation

Thus 0% downtime is ensured and assured in-time delivery and ultimate quality standards. Our special technical team can take care of clients specific design parameters and also supports in special designs. As a consumer of transformer and manufacturer of finished product with the transformer, we welcome the client to the revolutionary alternate world of Aluminium foil transformer.

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