Turret Stations

Dynaspede is often called upon to undertake comprehensive projects to design and supply special electro-mechanical systems of a non-standard nature for the converting industry. Our expertise in the multi-disciplinary area of Mechatronics, an intimate understanding of our own system components, and our vast experience with the converting industry help us design and build such masterpieces.

Zero Speed Splicer

Zero Speed Splicers have built-in accumulator or inertia compensated dancers for narrow web unwind stands for smooth and bump less roll transfer with automatic or semi-automatic splicing in roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet machines.

On-the-fly Splicer

Turret Unwinds and Rewinds are special high-speed machines with on-the-fly automatic splicing during smooth roll changeover for printing and converting machines. Full vector digital AC drives with inertia compensated dancers and / or load cell-based controls for roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet processing.

Dynaspede presents Non-stop Turret Unwind and Rewind Stations for continuous roll-to-roll or roll- to-sheet web processing applications. On-board intelligent controls ensure on-the-fly lap splicing at full speed with consistently short splice tails for unwinds and anti-curling for rewind splices.

Dynaspede Automatic unwind / rewind Turret Stations serve the needs of printing, packaging and converting industries for a cost-effective splicing equipment with potential benefits of reduced wastage, increased production, one-man roll changes and minimum operator dependence.

On-the-fly Splicer for specialty coating lines

Apart from general purpose turret stations, Dynaspede has addressed the critical demands of specialty coating lines with its unique design of turret rewind station. The Turret station design is composite with sturdy mechanicals and responsive controls for versatile operation.

Salient features:
  • On-the-fly splicing
  • Special knife design to handle varying film thickness
  • Adjustable cutter angle
  • Contact winding design
  • 4 bobin change over
  • Mechanically expandable shafts
  • Configurable with plc and hmi.
  • Length based or diameter based controls
  • Tension control and measurement
  • Safety interlocks and warnings
Ideal for:
  • Pressure sensitive tapes
  • Specialty coating applications
  • Hot melt coating lines
  • Quick changeover/for roll of short length.